Headshot of Dakota Sexton, wearing glasses, a black beanie, and a blue button-up shirt covered in flamingoes

Hi, I’m Dakota.

A front-end engineer and interdisciplinary artist who cares about design, data, and storytelling.

For the last several years I've built intuitive web applications and advocated for inclusive design. In my free time, I also love to draw minimalist illustrations of the outdoors and build interactive, participatory websites.

Before focusing on all that, I went to school for creative writing — and honed my skills as a journalist and essayist for magazines that include Yoga International, Paper Darts, American Craft, and Monkeybicycle plus the anthology The Way We Sleep.

I don't write as frequently, or attempt to make quite as many bad jokes anymore. But I still love imagining ways in which storytelling can meaningfully shape the web.

Creative Work


I love it when technical writing is personal and silly and more concerned with making others feel comfortable — and even hyped — rather than asserting the author as an authority.