Minimal Botany


Minimal Botany initially started as a poster project with the notion that I'd illustrate and print one hyper-minimalist take on a botany term (culled from the book, A Botanist's Vocabulary) every week.

I have admittedly very little experience printing posters — I'm a self-taught designer who didn't learn print-making in college. But I did learn about letterpress in high school, when I cajoled my second-generation letterpress printer dad into teaching me how to use my uncle's collection of vintage type and printing presses. And I felt excited to get back to printing weird, analogue, and very much imperfect things.

Not long after creating some initial poster ideas for this project (earlier in 2020), however, it no longer felt feasible to rent studio time for printing. So for now the project remains digital, and has evolved into a personal challenge to define a personal illustration style focused on simple, geometric depictions of plants.

Several early illustrations for this project are on Instagram.