Miscellaneous one-off experiments from past projects

1. Randomized Air Bubbles

During my front-end design apprenticeship at Sparkbox in 2018, I had a lot of fun creating a series of several different animated wildlife scenes for the A Modern Eden website. Most of the animations simply rely on inline svg code and plain CSS keyframe animations—

But one of my favorite animations features a little bit extra. The randomnness of the bubbles was created with the help of Sass @for loops and the Sass Random() function

You can also check this animation out on Codepen

2. Toast

I'll always be nostalgic about toast, even if I'm gluten-free and don't eat it often. I drew these illustrations and then created an animation with After Effects for one of them that you can check out on Instagram >>

Two illustrations of toast Single illustration of toast

I also created a simple staggered css animation with the text alone:

See the Pen CSS Animation: Staggered Text by Dakota Sexton (@tinykite) on CodePen.

3. A Very Chicago-ish Conway's Game of Life

My brother loves the mathematical concept/cellular automaton known as Conway's Game of Life. And while working on a website for him several years ago, I decided to create an animated illustration of the Chicago skyline, using Greensock, that would incorporate the automaton's rules in the way the lights of its Hancock Tower lit up.

I am somewhat embarassed by the illustration style by now, but I'll always be fascinated by how cellular automata and similar mathematical concepts can be incorporated into art and design.

See the Pen Chicago/Game of Life Experiment 1c by Dakota Sexton (@tinykite) on CodePen.