What Gets Lost About Dark Mode

My personal perspective on the sometimes maligned, much-debated feature.

Guidelines for Inclusive Web Animation

A short primer on how to spark joy, responsibly.

Web Accessibility Fundamentals

A short primer on how to incorporate inclusive thinking into your web development practice.

Quick Tips: How To Make Looping Animations More Accessible

A guide to inclusive design considerations for auto-playing or infinitely looping animations

Learning to Design for Dark Mode

Thinking about the intersection of accessibility and branding while redesigning a dark version of my portfolio.

Web Animation and Accessibility Reading List

A running list of resources.

A Brief and Personal History of Animation Approaches I Love

I think choosing whether or not you need another web animation library in your life is a little bit like dating. It’s awkward and hyper personal and a bit irrational.

Avoiding Common Web Animation Mistakes

A few things I wish I knew when I first started creative coding with css animation and svg elements.

A More Creative Approach to Learning Git

Reframing git naming conventions, interactive rebasing, and other fundamentals around cooking metaphors.

What I Learned From My First Hackathon

In short: how designers with hybrid skills can help facilitate compassionate collaboration.

Should Writers Code? Rethinking Publishing on the Web

Why we should all advocate for tools that improve the web.