The Happy Path Towards Responsive HTML Email

Guidelines for Inclusive Web Animation

A short primer on how to spark joy, responsibly.

Profile: Upstate with Kristofer Bowman

Profiling the Grand Marais-based advocate for self-care, northwoods modernism, and outdoor appreciation

Web Accessibility Fundamentals

A short primer on how to incorporate inclusive thinking into your web development practice.

Quick Tips: How To Make Looping Animations More Accessible

A guide to inclusive design considerations for auto-playing or infinitely looping animations

Learning to Design for Dark Mode

Thinking about the intersection of accessibility and branding while redesigning a dark version of my portfolio.

Web Animation and Accessibility Reading List

A running list of resources.

A Brief and Personal History of Animation Approaches I Love

I think choosing whether or not you need another web animation library in your life is a little bit like dating. It’s awkward and hyper personal and a bit irrational.

Avoiding Common Web Animation Mistakes

A few things I wish I knew when I first started creative coding with css animation and svg elements.

A More Creative Approach to Learning Git

Reframing git naming conventions, interactive rebasing, and other fundamentals around cooking metaphors.

What I Learned From My First Hackathon

In short: how designers with hybrid skills can help facilitate compassionate collaboration.

Should Writers Code? Rethinking Publishing on the Web

Why we should all advocate for tools that improve the web.

Review: Alyse Knorr's Annotated Glass

The usual recycled plot-lines and half-baked tropes of Alice and Wonderland are masterfully upended in a debut collection of new poetry.

Interview: Defending Folk (and Country) with Radio K's Mountain Connection

I chat with two lovely college radio hosts about defending country; if folk is dead; and forgotten women musicians of the '50s, ’60s and ’70s.

Profile: This American Lie

A story about a writer's vision for a literary series that would mostly involve robots. Lots and lots of robots.

The (Fangirl) Guide to Literary Musicians

A short list of musicians who write.

Interview: Cole Sarar of Ring Ring Poetry

Chatting with local Minneapolis poet Cole Sarar about her desire to take poetry out of lit mags and into physical locations around the places she calls home.